The People

Family Project

A multigenerational project

The Brites Aguiar family comes from and resides in the Douro Demarcated Region and the activity practiced is the continuous connection to the land; agriculture.

In the small village of Várzea de Trevões, in the municipality of S. João da Pesqueira, the family’s residence and farmhouse is located.

The active generation, Lúcia, Paulo and Tomi, have their parents behind them: Maria Fernanda Costa Brites and Manuel António Pacheco Aguiar. The most recent generation, Inês, Mariana, and Mané complete and are the continuation of the Brites Aguiar family’s offspring.

Inspired by nature


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Because only excellence in every detail is in the interest of Brites Aguiar, in 2004 a partnership was established with the enology company 2PR (António Rosas and Pedro Sequeira).

This company was also at the beginning of its career, and with a great margin of progress, just like the Brites Aguiar wines.
This partnership of services quickly evolved into a partnership of passion for wine that has given our friends and customers immense pleasure.

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