The Wine

Bafarela Rose

Increasingly, rose wines arouse passions and followers. Bafarela Rose is a very gastronomic rose for the table, with the structure of a red wine and the freshness of a white wine.

Bafarela Colheita

Doesn’t age in wood, we want it to be a fresh, fruity and an “easy” wine drink.

Bafarela Reserve

It’s a Douro red wine with a well-marked character that reflects all the richness and quality of the region, creating the best blended wines with Portuguese varieties. Bafarela Red Reserve is part of the Casa Agrícola Brites Aguiar range of wines.

Bafarela Grand Reserve

Bafarela Grand Reserve is a wine that expresses, at its best, the elegance of one of Casa Brites Aguiar’s specialties. A limited edition presented only in exceptional years.

Bafarela 17

Achieving that a wine has a strong character, a distinct personality, is the dream of its creation as an expression of a terroir. Bafarela 17 is daring, a part of the Douro, in the valley of the river Torto, where during the ripening of the grapes, the heat is stifling and there’s a constant lack of water. Very low and super concentrated productions are the vine’s response to these conditions. The man gathers the fruit – the grape -, protects it and transforms it into a wine that sums up in itself the expression of the land. Thus was born Bafarela 17.

Brites Aguiar

Brites Aguiar is the unquestionable symbol of the highest quality of the wines of the Brites Aguiar family, it’s a high quality wine, complex and elegant, limited edition, produced only in exceptional years.

Brites Aguiar Black Label

The first Brites Aguiar (Black Label) to be available to consumers.

Knowing well, through the experiences that we do during the wine stages, the evolution of Brites Aguiar wines over time. 2016 was the selected harvest year to be presented after 4 years in a bottle.

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