The Basement

The Basement

Private wine cellar at “Casa Brites Aguiar”

Built in 2013 below ground level, it has good natural temperature and humidity conditions forgoing the need for artificial control and associated energy and environmental costs.

This site has a capacity of around 200 of 500-litre barrels, of which around 90% are French oak and 10% American oak. The useful life of the barrels for maturing table wines is 3 years, with about 1/3 of the barrels being renewed every year. Later, some of these barrels are used in the maturing of Port Wine.

Besides the barrels, this place also houses the private wine cellar of the “Casa Brites Aguiar”, where the various wines bottled over the years are stored.

This whole set makes the basement a special place, where the wine transforms itself through time.

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